where books take me

where books take me

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


run like the wind :)
go spread your wings :)
i want to see you fly :)

pray for your success
*pray for mine too

Good luck for the exams dear! :)

and i wish to see the stars somewhere
someday :)
with my only half.

p/s : heebee mode jiwang. harap maklum. ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

sense? no, you obviously don't have one.

heebee disini.
it was awesome ;)

the thing was,

i was speechless, then,
the only question running thru my mind was..

"are you kidding me?"

*bermonolog sendiri

dimana common sense kamu wahai sahabat?


wassalam :')

p/s : keep smiling ! focus2 ! heebee awesome ! <3
and, dear, please ignore this entry,
we are too awesome at the moment :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

i notice things. i know things.

telling people they hurt me might hurt that friend back.
so, i simply keep it to myself.
that's how i get hurt, most of the time. 

even if telling it wouldn't hurt me,
i tend to keep it myself,
i'm afraid i'll hurt the person i'm telling it to.

i love my friends too much.

mama sendiri pernah cakap,
'agaknye kalau ade kawan sendiri yang suke kat boyfriend kinah nanti,
kinah akan give it up for your friends' happiness,
even suami!'

that's my mom talking there.
she knows me like no other.


only ned saari n ct zeera knows me.
i wish you were here.

heebee is having a hard time..compressing everything inside is hard work..

p/s : heebee juge seorang wanita, i know what you're feeling,
i notice.