where books take me

where books take me

Monday, April 23, 2012

i learn. thank you.

today i learn
tomorrow i learn
yesterday i learnt

life is your teacher.

isn't it wonderful?
you get to know everything you want to
*and things you don't really want to

baru jauh sikit lagi dari rumah,
dah macam2 cheq belajaq
*amik heebee ckp penang :)

the best part is when you get to know things
that can teach you about the future
it might save you one day.

usually i would tell my besties about my problems and secrets
and random stuff i think they should know

but, this time
i've decided to not.
i have my own reasons
no offence
please respect my decision

sebelum ni selalu tfikir
kenapa ct zeera selalu banyak rahsia
dia tak nak kongsi ngan bff dia ka?
dia ada org lain nk mnceritakan kot
siapela heebee ngn ned ni kan...

tapi sekarang,
i totally understand why.

i learnt a new lesson!
*mata bersinarsinar baq hang!

Allah Maha Mengetahui
hati jangan dibiarkan kosong
ingatan pesan arwah

*rindukan saat bertilawah bersama arwah
*masak2 didapur bersama arwah
*berkebun petang2 diluar rumah bersama arwah
*rindukan saat-saat bersama arwah

#kepadanya pohon doa yang tak putus
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama hamba2Nya yang soleh dan solehah

ampun ampun ampun
sorry sorry sorry
mian mian mian

*takmaw pikiaq dah
let's focus on other things
like holidays and exams and holidays..

and holidays..

p/s : i love you friend, it was heartaching, but i forgive you.
you're human
and cause you're my friend

heebee feels energized and inspired after that 'walk to remember' ..
<3 now and forever 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

heart is...



yes, you did :) 

if yours is mine 

never thought you'd be in it
but now, i'm glad to have you :)

p/s : credits to tumblr :)

heebee tries very hard, its just sometimes, i'm not very expressive

how easy human can forget things :(

when i tell you my secret
that means you mean something to me
and that i trust you

there's a reason for me to keep something as a secret to everyone
except to you
thought you'd understand why

what's disappointing is seeing how easy you tell people directly
and not being sorry at that moment
i froze and calm my self
inside i'm blaming myself for believing you

i don't really care even if the secret isn't secret anymore
(cause sooner or later, people will find out)
but to know how easy it is 
for YOU
someone i trust
smiling for having to tell people that particular secreto de amor
i'm speechless

i'm sorry friend, but
it seems hard for me to tell you anything anymore
you've just made it obvious that you're a listener
but apparently not a KEEPER
forgive me

but above all, i'm glad i still have other friends i can trust
i'm glad having friends which
thou not a good listener
but still a LOYAL KEEPER

i used to hate promises
because people tend to break it
and not feel sorry

but now i believe
that PROMISES are something we can only find after knowing true LOYALTY
once you found them in HONESTY
you'll live in mutual hope and
unending love towards each other

lovey heebee <3

p/s : holding on to what you believe is what made you a human. its not a crime. 
and guess what, heebee is currently in love :)

with you by my side :)
now and forever

Thursday, April 5, 2012

when someone knocks :)

when somehow your heart flutters.
the story goes, something, well, like would describe it, like this.

he knocked on my door, waited outside, giving time for me to peek at the window.
as i peek, i saw him, and he saw me.

i smiled.

without a doubt, i know i should open the door for him.

again, i smiled.
as i was ready to open the door, through the door, he said, that he saw me,

i stopped. and again, i smiled. 
then he said, don't worry, he'll be right outside.
waiting for me to open the door.

again, i smiled.

i took a deep breath, again, ready to open the door.
but then he asked if i knew that i have a pretty smile.
and that i should always smile.

he loves seeing my sweet smile.
again, i smiled.

without second thoughts, i opened the door.
he stood there, with a flower bouquet,
i controlled my smile, not to act too happy.

"it's for you" he said while handing me the flower bouquet.
i took it and still act normal.

"thanks" was all that came out from my mouth.
he nodded slightly and waited for me to say something else.

after changing glances and shy smiles, he said.

"i hope i could come by again next time"

i smiled and said "sure"

he smiled and said that that day was a great day,

a wonderful day!

he was walking away, somehow walking backwards.
then he said, loudly


and for that one meeting at my doorstep, i don't know how,
why, or when, but i just, i just knew that that he was something :)
my heart fluttered sweetly.