where books take me

where books take me

Saturday, February 26, 2011

spring in KMPP

blooming and lovely

Ekyn and Wa

lovely tajien

kiupta ^_^


Indahnya ciptaan Tuhan..

heebee is in love with nature..and her friends..<3

picca 2!



Our biology model :
Its suppose to be a ribosome, 
this process of the synthesis of proteins is called translation..

We won in our lecture group and in the practicum.
 Now waiting to be examined by the lecturers in competing with other lecture groups...
Hopefully we'll win!

Thanks to the group members, 
Amal Mohd Lotfy
Najwahanim Ishak
Lim Zhi Wei
Noor Azreen Abd Rahman
Kok Yong Leng

It takes effort and all sorts of support to accomplish something.
And its the sweetest feeling.


heebee loves ribosomes..huhu

trust yourself

We came through obstacles and rocky roads. We were flying without direction. We went through rough nights and unpredictable weather. With mixed emotions and by just being ourselves. We were kidnapped and trapped but survived. We were questioned about our every action. We tried the hardest to please other people. We cared and loved. We shared and gave.
But to the world, sometimes its not enough. Things happens for every reason you can find.
Find a reason to make you happy.
Be true and honest.

Take chances, trust yourself and never give up.

i love you, friend

saye nk cakap yg saye ni seorng yg unpredictable..

kadang2 tu,
sangatnye okie,
kadang2 tu,
sangatnye ta okie..
im sorry if i hurt you..
i didn't mean to

nadiah saari
siti nadzirah padrillah
noor azreen abd rahman
saye sangat2 sygnkan kome..
im sorry for hurting
im not perfect
kadang2 ape yg heebee cakap tu mungkin mnyakitkan,
ape yg heebee buat,
kadang2 tu mmg ta betul....

heebee loves you lots




im sorry for not being a good friend


heebee is sad, thinking that were going to be apart in a few months

Sunday, February 13, 2011

i am twenty

umur 20 suda...

my birthday was a blast!
mama called, and wished me..
that's all i need...

tajen, ned, wa n bendy buat prank,..
n until today, i wasnt able to actually clean the mess up yet..

habes katil diorang trash!
katil n baju2 ku bau neslo......
naseb je b'day heebee,
kalu tak, seliparku bakal jd santapanmu...

secret ingredients : water, neslo, telur mentah, minyak cap kapak,
ubat batuk, oat, tepung, air anggur 3 hari lepas, ice blended mocha yg da basi...

dimandikn that day, lebih kurg 12 tgh mlm...
mmg 'beszt' gle tahap max'mas!!!

igt naek bilek da nk mandi, skali tgk katil penuh baju2ku,
bselerak, dgn bedak losyen n neslo,

sabar heebee, sabar...
but i was worth it, 
an unforgetable event..
usually, i was the one who made all these pranks to my friends...

kali ni ak yg tkene...
dush dush dush

 .i am twenty. 

can you believe it??

na a! 
no way!
im still the old me..

still heebee...

.being heebee.


heebee is celebrating her birthday with tons of work! tq!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

healing power!!


kazen2, spupu spapat dtg rumah..
buat ala2 reunion,
biasenye setahun tu,
2-3 kali je jmpe...
padahal sedara....

barbeque habes...
kek juge..
dapat jmpe ibu kedua ku,

sembang2 sampai pukul 12 jugakla baru sume balik..
penat tu penat,
tapi seronok dapat jumpe mereka2..
teringat mase kecik2 dolu2..

nak buat ape ye??
bile fikirkn,
saye tringin nk keluar dgn kawan2,
maen bowling ke, tgk wayang ke,
tujuan saye balik rumah,
spend time dgn parents..

saye suke kamoo...
macam mane ni??
ter'angau' suda..
help needed!

exam coming..
dah ready ke saye??
lu pikirla sendiri..
kate nk capai 4flat?
kene startla makcik!

penyakit malas datang kembali..


'goguma sayela!'


semangat je kalau dapat jmpe..
hati bdebar2,
tak penah2 macam ni..
 dulu pun tak macam ni..

confirmed awk angau!

habes tu..

dush dush dush..

1 thing i know now,


heebee bersantai dirumah <3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


dalam erti kata lain,

'teenagers nowadays are being ignorant of reality'

i think what most teenagers lack nowadays are responsibility.
including myself...

i think we need to priorities things in our life..

1. As muslims, ibadah.
2. Parents, they have given us each and everything, now what can we offer them back.
3. Ourselves as students, studies are our main 'thing'.

bile dah kate priority,
mestilah itu perkara utama yg kite labelkn sebagai 'penting' dalam hidup kite.

slowly, jom kite fikirkn ape yg terbaek utk mase depan kite,
like my big bro said to me once,
we might get tangled up as a young adult by being a normal teen and being a student,
he said,
'fix things slowly part by part'

and i think it should start by a word,
responsibility comes in numerous ways,
but it should start by simply,
responsibility to ourselves..

heebee is thinking..hope you'll do too..
positifkn minda, positifkn hati...